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Celeste D.


"I had almost permanent painful bloating and wind.   And now I don't!"

Ari C.

"Before a friend of mine recommended I see Corinna, I thought I would never feel 'optimal' again.  It has taken some months (as I wasn't in the best place to begin with) but I'm now feeling like I can take on life again.  My life as a Trader and with a wife and kids meant my stress levels were through the roof!  Now I have enough energy for everything I want to do."

Aarav S.

"For many years I had suffered terrible bloating.  It was very painful and uncomfortable.  After seeing Corinna for nutrition therapy I not only understood the root cause of my discomfort but am now free of it."

Mark F.

"I had been feeling continually exhausted for a couple of years before being referred to Corinna. Despite many visits to my GP and the  blood tests that followed I could find no explanation. I have always been a very fit and active person so this problem was having a devastating effect on my quality of life. A friend suggested that I see Corinna and I admit to being very sceptical initially. After three sessions my energy levels are completely transformed. I feel great and I have more energy than I have had for years. It is still hard for me to believe that a change to my eating habits could make such an enormous difference. The food that Corinna suggested is really enjoyable too. I feel that I have finally got my life back. I highly recommend Corinna."

Sandra L.

"I have great energy now. Thanks Corinna!"

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