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Welcome to LDN Nutrition


Founded by Corinna Venturi, LDN Nutrition offers bespoke nutrition consultancy services to both individuals and firms.  Individuals looking for personalised nutrition advice from a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can find more information here.  Firms wishing to optimise the wellbeing of their employees and boost productivity can find more information here.


LDN Nutrition  specialises in Nutritional Genomics within one-to-one consultations making our nutrition advice as individually tailored as it can possibly be.  


As the public become more and more bombarded with dietary information from the media, the message becomes confused and overwhelming.  Let LDN Nutrition  guide you through this maze of information by contacting us for an appointment.

**All consultations are via video call only / Workshops and Seminars are via video call and in-person as required**





You can feel confident in the knowledge that Corinna Venturi is a BANT Registered Nutrition Practitioner.  Find out more about what this means in this video:

**Please note that some links in LDN Nutrition's blog and consultation materials are paid Amazon links. LDN Nutrition only links to products that have been thoroughly researched, tried or tested by us and deemed to be appropriate in the context of the information in which the link appears.


As an Amazon Associate, LDN Nutrition earns from qualifying purchases.**

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