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Corporate Wellbeing

Customers are important but you won't get far in your business without happy, healthy staff!  LDN Nutrition can deliver seminars  and workshops to your staff to educate them on how to stay alert and productive all day at the office.  

Most people are familiar with the 'afternoon slump' but here at LDN Nutrition, that's a thing of the past.  Let us guide your staff towards a healthy and happy work day, every day.

Seminars and workshops cover a range of topics including: blood sugar regulation (helpful for 'afternoon slump'); best lunchtime meal choices; and how to get enough exercise when you have a desk job.  A full topic list is available from LDN Nutrition, just use the contact form.

You can choose how many seminars to purchase and on which topics.

Seminars are structured as follows:


  • 45 minute talk

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • 15 minute Q&A session

  • Handy healthy-eating info pack


Contact us today to discuss your employee needs.

Personalised nutrition for your staff*:


As an employer, you can also have choose to offer your staff the chance to experience more personalised nutritional therapy.  With this option, one or more of our associate Registered Nutritional Therapists (RNT) will come to your office for a day and spend one-to-one time with whichever staff would like to take advantage of this service.

Each RNT can see up to 12 members of your staff per day for 30 minutes each.  Participating staff members would be required to complete a health questionnaire prior to their consultation.

*requires use of a private office / boardroom

Three Month Challenge:


Enquire here regarding details and fees for our Three Month Challenge.  Anyone and everyone in your firm can get involved, have a bit of fun and live a healthier life in the process!

LDN Nutrition will provide guidance on diet and lifestyle tweaks and set targets appropriate to each individual.

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